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How can you improve your hair naturally?

7 DIY amazing natural sunscreens for hair (Guide)

Don't let summer catch you unprepared. Find out how to ensure that beautiful days at sea don't turn into a nightmare for your hair!

Did you know that some natural oils contain SPF protection in themselves? Hi girls! As promised in this article, I will show you all the recipes to make hair natural sunscreens in your kitchen. Obviously, the preparation will be simple and fast because each of us prefers to spend the summer at the sea rather than in the kitchen preparing hair products! Moreover, for those girls that have now to much time, I will show some items that are ready …

4 tips to improve hair growth speed

How can I speed up hair growth? 4 Tricks To Make Your Hair Grow FAST! How to improve hair growth speed [2020]

It’s time to eliminate the myth of “long hair, damaged hair.” Hi girls, today I decided to reveal some tricks and some small remedies to improve hair growth speed. In fact, which of us girls doesn’t like having long, healthy hair? I think it really is everyone’s dream, or at least almost everyone’s. So here we go… 4 Natural and DIY tips to improve hair growth speed The reason to follow these little tips? If you like long hair, I’m …


5 Natural Hair Loss Cure [2020] – part 5

How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally? Here are the last 5 natural solutions that will help you stop and fight hair loss. In these weeks together, we have examined over 30 natural and DIY remedies that help fight and combat hair loss. Don't miss the previous articles. The natural remedy that will solve all your problems could be among them!

Some see Alopecia as a weakness, I see it as an opportunity to get Stronger Well girls, here we are, our latest episode dedicated to natural hair loss cure 2020. In this blog post, we will talk about: Rice water Cinnamon Omega 3 Scalp massage Derma Roller As you can see in this article, we will also talk about the Derma Roller. I used it against stretch marks rather than to combat hair loss. In fact, I’m still testing the …

7 natural beauty treatments – Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day is near, so leading up to March 8th, we should pamper our self with DIY and 100% natural beauty treatments. Naturallybeautycare [2020]

Girls Power Hi girls! As you know, International Women’s Day is near, so leading up to March 8th, I thought it would be nice to prepare a blog post with DIY and 100% natural beauty treatments. For the uninitiated, March 8th is the day in which the social, political and economic achievements of women are celebrated. I thought that this would be the right occasion to spoil ourselves a bit, giving us a day at the spa without having to …

5 Natural Beauty Tips for your Hair [2019]

Would you like to start taking care of your hair in a natural way? Try starting with these 5 simple but effective natural hair care tips.

How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair? (Anonymous) The hair is one of the weakest points in every woman; it’s our “Achilles Heel” if we want to define it. Sometimes, it seems that they have their own rebellious life, and despite all our care, we are always with a haystack on our heads instead of a flowing hair, which is what we all want. Today we will discover 5 natural hair care tips, which will …

Natural Hair Loss Treatments for Women [2020] – part 1

Are you looking for natural remedies to combat hair loss? Below you will find 5 very effective remedies that will help you fight, slow down and prevent hair loss for women.

The secret with natural remedies is patience and constancy Hi girls, here we are again with a new article. Today, I will talk about the causes and natural hair loss treatments. We will talk about 30 natural remedies. I want this article to be not too long or heavy to read, so I divided it into four articles. In each article, we will talk about 5 natural hair loss treatments for women. Hair loss, the causes In this first article, …

7 hair care tips for summer 2019

Don't miss out the best 7 summer hair care tips

To be sure that the sunscreen will have maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to apply the sunscreen/spray on wet hair at least 30 minutes before exposing to the sun or dive into the water. Hi girls, in this article, I will talk about why you need to protect your hair from the sun during summer. Well, we can certainly say that if in summer our hair takes on beautiful and completely natural shades, it is only thanks to the sun, …

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