How to make natural DIY bath bombs for your mother’s day gift

Natural DIY bath bombs the perfect gift for Mother's day. Make this day special, give your mom a personalized and handmade gift with Naturally Beauty Care Natural DIY bath bombs.

Happy mothers day to all Moms ❤️

Hi girls, as you all know, May 12th is Mother’s Day. Since this is a holiday that involves all of us, as we will be puzzling over what could be the right present for mom, I thought to give you my little contribution with a very innovative DIY  natural gift!

Let’s say that this gift comes from my experience last year. I made it for my mom and she was really happy and impressed. Which is why I thought it might be a nice idea to share with you.😍 Do you want to know what I gave my mom that made her so happy? The amazing gift that she loved so much were the natural DIY bath bombs.

Mother’s day gift idea

Based on my experience, I have to say that this is a great DIY gift idea for Mother’s Day. This was a “gift experiment” and since it turned out to be a success, I would like to share the reasons I thought that the natural DIY bath bombs could truly be a perfect gift for this special occasion.

First of all, it is a truly original gift and by making them at home, we are going to save a lot of money. Consider that each Lush bath bomb costs around $ 6.

Secondly, moms are always on the run, always busy taking care of the family. Well, every now and then, they deserve a moment of relaxation and the use of this gift could be an excellent excuse for our moms to carve out this little moment for themselves.

Last but not least, by making this little gift by hand, we are going to give our moms not only a moment of relaxation but also a moment of well-being. In fact, we are going to make our bath bombs with some essential oils that will nourish the skin.

Our mothers will, therefore, receive a fun, relaxing, but above all, unique and heartfelt gift. My mom loved it so much that she asked me if she could have other sea-themed ones this year. How can I say no to her!?!🥰 After all, it doesn’t take too much and you know mom is always mom. I hope your moms will also be delighted by natural DIY bath bombs.

Well, now that I’ve given the backstory for this natural DIY bath bombs gift idea, let’s see the ingredients we need and which are the steps to follow.

How to make DIY natural bath bombs?



  • 1 tablespoon = 14.5 ml
  • 1 teaspoon= 4.9 ml
  • 1 cup= 250 ml
9,8 ml of coconut oil
280 g of baking soda
80 g of sparkling granules
140 g of Bath Salt
70 g of corn starch
2 teaspoon of essential oils (you can put one or more, according to your taste, but above all, according to your mom’s taste)
29 ml of Water


2 drops of food coloring of your choice
A bath bomb mold. It can be found on Amazon there are many different forms, from classic ball-shaped to the most varied patterns.

You can also use transparent Christmas balls as a bath bomb mold if you have them at home. I refer those Christmas balls that can be opened and in which we can then insert fake snow or our photos.

Here instead you can find the Amazon link to all the ingredients, in case you miss some of the ingredients:

Natural DIY bath bombs Video Tutorial

Here you go the natural DIY bath bombs are now ready to be packed and gifted to your mom!


What next?

To conclude if you liked this the natural DIY bath bombs and you are looking for other interesting, natural, and DIY gift ideas, I recommend reading these two articles:

I am looking forward to reading you feedback and sharing many other small, but very useful, DIY gifts ideas for many other occasions.  I am also eager to go through new and interesting tips and recipes for natural hair and body care.

Do not forget to follow me on my  FacebookInstagram, Tick Tock (@alex_nbc), PinterestTwitter,YouTube, and Quora.

See you in 2 weeks!😘

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How to make natural DIY bath bombs for your mother’s day gift

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