How can we stop hair from falling out ? [2020]-part 3

Which are the best Natural Remedies To Treat Hair Fall? Here you can find 5 amazing natural and DIY treatments that will help you to prevent your hair from falling out.

Hair loss is the way God has to tell me I’m human.

(Bruce Willis)

Hi girls! After a nice and long Christmas break, we finally back on natural tricks for the care of hair. In particular, we were taking a look at the different natural and DIY remedies that will prevent and stop your hair from falling down.

I don’t know if you remember, but we should have talked about 30 natural remedies divided into 4/5 articles. This is our third article where we are going to talk about these 5 natural remedies against hair loss:





5.Apple cider vinegar

6.Nettle extract

7.Chili pepper.

Here instead I leave you the links for the previous articles. For those who may have missed them.😉

  1. Natural Hair Loss Treatments for Women [2020] – part 1
  2. Natural Hair Loss Remedies for Women [2020] – part 2

Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start! We have a lot to see today.

7 natural remedies to prevent and stop hair from falling out



The first natural remedy that we will talk about today and that will help us prevent and our hair from falling out is ginger.

This root is a true ally to the health of our hair, especially in the autumn season, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees, and our hair becomes more fragile and begins to fall out, making us despair. Surely to prevent this, there is a natural solution that doesn’t thin out or ruins our hair. In this regard, ginger comes into play.

Ginger is a root well known in the East, used as a source of healing and prevention. Although this is one of the most widely used plants in the East, its anti-inflammatory properties are still less known in the West. This is why I will reveal some beauty secrets of ginger and we will see some amazing masks for our applied hair.

How ginger can prevent my hair from falling out?

Before continuing, I will go into more detail on the properties of ginger. Its properties go from being rich in fatty acids, to the ability to reactivate and promote blood micro circulation on the scalp.

What does that mean?

Well, it is very simple, thanks to the micro circulation, the epidermis is reinforced and growth is favored thanks to the strengthening of the follicles. This root is also excellent for eliminating excess sebum production, hence, the formation of dandruff, which helps cause hair loss.

Now, let’s see how to make ginger products to apply to our hair.

Ginger hair mask

A ginger root
A teaspoon of olive oil
A teaspoon of honey
  1. Grate the ginger root.
  2. Add a spoonful of olive oil.
  3. Add a teaspoon of honey.
  4. Mix to favor the amalgamation of the mixture.

Apply the product before shampooing on the scalp and massage for about 10 minutes, to favor absorption and activation of the micro circulation.

Then keep the mixture in place for a minimum time of 30 minutes. 30 minutes is the minimum time necessary for the follicles to absorb the mask and strengthen it. It is a good idea to proceed with small massages spread over time to further facilitate absorption.

After the setting time, proceed with rinsing, using, if possible, a 100 percent natural shampoo, or even a very delicate shampoo. Of course girls, always remember that carrying out the last rinse with cold water is a healthy touch for our hair.

Remember that for the best results, it is necessary to repeat the application continuously. Try to apply this mask once a week. Maybe the weekend can be a good idea since we should be freer.

And don’t worry you will see the results only after three weeks! 😍 As I always like to remember, natural remedies work but require perseverance and patience.

Ginger wrap to promote hair growth

Fresh ginger root
A teaspoon of almond oil
  1. Grate the ginger.
  2. Add a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger to a teaspoon of almond oil.
  3. Mix it well.

Apply to the scalp and massage with your fingertips for 5/10 minutes. Leave in for about 30 minutes, then proceed with the usual shampoo. A natural shampoo and a rinse with cold water are always recommended.

Ginger mask for greasy hair

2 tablespoons of grated ginger root
3 teaspoons of sweet almond oil
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  1. Grate fresh ginger root.
  2. Add 3 teaspoons of sweet almond oil.
  3. Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.
  4. Mix everything to favor the amalgamation of the mixture.

Spread the mask over the entire scalp and massage to facilitate absorption. Leave on for about 20 minutes before proceeding with the usual shampoo. Since there is lemon in this mask, we have reduced the shutter speed from 30 to 20 minutes. Always because of the lemon, I recommend using this mask once a month or once every two weeks.

Did you know?

Ginger is also used to lighten the hair.

Let’s see the two ways to use this root to make our hair strong and shiny. But above all, we are going to discover another mask that will prevent our hair from falling out.

Ginger and chamomile mask

Ginger – 10 g
  1. Prepare an infusion of ginger and chamomile.
  2. Allow everything to cool.

Make the usual shampoo and then use the infusion. Apply it on the scalp by massaging with circular movements and on the tips. When you have distributed the product well, let it act for two to three minutes before proceeding with the drying.

Girls in this mask there is chamomile which tends to lighten the hair. So I won’t recommend it for those with colored hair or those with dark hair and do not want light reflections. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a product that not only helps the growth of your hair but also allows you to create, in a completely natural way, some light reflections on your hair, this mask is for you.

As they say, we take 2 pigeons with 1 bean.😁

Ginger mask

A teaspoon of ginger powder
  1. Add a teaspoon of ginger to your usual balm.

Wash your hair with shampoo as you usually do. After shampooing, apply the conditioner, to which you previously added ginger. Apply it on all lengths and leave it on for about 30 minutes before proceeding with a thorough rinse.



It is a plant widely used in the cosmetic sector, mostly because it has many beneficial properties for hair, skin, and nails.

The benefits of nettle for the skin and nails

This plant is rich in antioxidant substances, molecules with astringent properties and silica. Thanks to all the beneficial properties it is widely used on the skin to make it regain tone and elasticity. Its silica content, it is also used to reinforce fragile nails.

Puzzlegrass (Scientific name: Equisetum) is mostly used to fight skin aging, but also to firm, remineralize and purify the skin. One more amazing thing about this plant is also used widely to fight cellulite!

How Puzzlegrass can prevent my hair from falling out?

On hair instead, it helps to fight oily hair or to strengthen hair in general. In fact, it stimulates and tones the scalp and therefore favors hair growth.

Now let’s see how to make some amazing, natural and DIY hair mask with the horsetail.

We do not want to see any more hair falling out! Don’t we?

So, let’s start!

Lotion for hair and fragile nails

40 ml of horsetail decoction
60 ml of hydrolat rosemary
  1. Prepare the horsetail (Puzzlegrass) decoction.
  2. Filter the decoction and let it cool.
  3. Add the rosemary hydrolat.
  4. Pour it into a spray bottle.

CAUTION!! The mixture can be stored in the refrigerator, but no longer than seven days.


Apply the lotion evenly over the hair without rinsing. To obtain clearly visible results and strong and shiny hair, it is good practice to repeat the application at least once a day. This lotion also stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

CAUTION!! As indicated above in the name of the lotion, the compound can also be applied to the nails. It will help to strengthen fragile nails. You can apply this lotion on your nails several times a day, massaging well to favor absorption.



Here we are with the third natural remedy that will help us to prevent our hair from falling out.

Magnesium is a real cure for our body, but not only on the outside! In fact, it is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging property that prevents damage caused by free radicals. In other words, it helps us prevent wrinkles and the signs of aging. In fact, it is able to repair the skin, giving it elasticity and, consequently, it slows the natural process of skin aging.

Moreover, if you take magnesium in the form of vitamins or with nutrition, it also has beneficial effects on the hair. In fact, it helps to strengthen the scalp and counteracts hair loss. As we saw in the first article of this series, hair loss becomes more and more accentuated with advancing age and with season changes.

In short, this mineral turns out to be a real protagonist in the hair life cycle, let’s see why.

How magnesium can prevent my hair from falling out?

It helps regulate the calcium levels that could be deposited on the scalp. In fact, an excessive amount of calcium on the skin will cause the obstruction of the follicles. Inflammation of the follicles makes the skin drier and therefore more subject to hair loss.

This mineral helps synthesize proteins, which are the main substance that makes up the hair.

Do you remember which is the principal protein that composes our hair? It is keratin. In fact, the greater the amount of protein produced, the greater the beauty and health of the foliage. Another essential point to remember is that protein synthesis is also essential for the hair aging process. Protein synthesis stimulates the production of melanin, which helps to prevent hair from graying.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that magnesium activates vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium. As we mentioned above, an exaggerated accumulation of calcium limits blood circulation, causing the death of the cells and creates dandruff.



It is an extremely important mineral, especially in the spring season. During the spring hair and nails are not in excellent condition due to a lack of vitamins. Zinc is a fundamental element, not only for our external beauty but also for the healthy functioning of our body. In fact, it is precisely this mineral that regulates the functioning of the thyroid and sexual hormones, but also the immune system.

Zinc deficiencies can lead to:

  • Hair loss
  • Dry hair
  • Brittle hair
  • Nails that break easily
  • Nails with ‘white spots’
  • Rough skin.

Those are all clear examples of zinc deficiency.

This mineral is also very useful for our skin. It favors the maintenance of skin health naturally. How?

  • It counteracts aging.
  • Zinc promote wound healing.

It is also widely used to:

  • Treat dandruff.
  • Relieve rashes.
  • Against acne, pimples, and dermatitis.

Obviously, to make up for the lack of zinc, you need to replenish it with the right diet. So, let’s see together which foods contain greater quantities of this mineral, such as:

  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Dried fruits, especially walnuts, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts, peanuts, and cashews
  • Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds
  • Whole grains, especially barley, quinoa, spelled and millet
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Avocado
  • Dried legumes, but in particular chickpeas, beans and lentils.

Well, girls the last two natural remedies we have seen to prevent hair loss:

  • magnesium
  • zinc

are minerals, as we said above.

We can obtain these minerals by eating the right foods, as we already mentioned above. But you can find capsules of magnesium and zinc that can be taken alongside a balanced meal. These capsules will help you to absorb these 2 fundamental elements for the beauty of our hair.

Apple cider vinegar


This product, diluted in water and in the right doses, is a real ally for the well-being and beauty of our hair. Let’s see together the major beneficial properties of this natural product, then we will move on to the various methods of use and application.

Apple cider vinegar certainly stands out for five properties:


This product is used extensively to combat hair loss due to a lack of mineral salts. If we take a glass of water along with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily, our body will receive all the mineral salts needed. This not only stops hair loss but also strengthens it and increases growth, making the hair even thicker.


Apple cider vinegar can be diluted in water to carry out the last rinse after applying the daily shampoo. It gives extreme brilliance to the hair, especially if applied with consistency, at least once a week. After only three weeks, the results will be noticeable.

CAUTION!! I would like to point out girls that in many cosmetics, there is vinegar. But the vinegar contained in those cosmetics, combined with other chemicals has no side effects on our hair but leaves an unpleasant smell.


This natural product has antibacterial properties and respects the natural balance of the hair. You can use apple cider vinegar on any type of hair without damaging it. We can not say the same for all the hair products we usually buy. They often end up doing more damage than anything else.

4.Degreaser and neutralizing

Apple cider vinegar is able to remove excess fat and dead cells which, accumulate on our scalp and clog the pores. Excess sebum and dead cells accumulating on the scalp end up blocking the natural process of hair growth. Moreover, apple cider vinegar is widely used to neutralize skin pH.


As we have said before, apple cider vinegar eliminates dead cells that stagnate on our skin. In other words, helps to prevent dandruff formation and the itching associated with it.

Well, girls, we have just seen the five main properties of the apple cider vinegar. Now let’s go and see how to prepare natural and DIY remedies.

No more hair falling out!💪

Apple cider vinegar rinse

One and a half-liter of Demineralized water, i.e. without limestone
3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
  1. Fill the bottle with half a liter of demineralized water.
  2. Pour, for every half liter of water, a teaspoon of apple vinegar(for a total of three teaspoons).

After you have shampooed, as you usually do, proceed with the apple cider vinegar rinse. Pour the water and apple cider vinegar you previously mixed directly from the bottle, starting from the skin, until reaching the lengths. Once poured massage with your fingertips on the scalp. As always, the massage is used not only to better absorb the product but also to stimulate circulation.

CAUTION!! Obviously, this means that the hair, after the application of the product, should not be rinsed.

Don’t worry about the smell of apple cider vinegar. It will disappear when the hair is dry. For those who can’t really stand the strong smell of apple cider vinegar, you can add the lemon juice. In one and a half liters of water, you can add three tablespoons of lemon juice. This way you will have a less pungent smell.

As an alternative to lemon juice which may be too acidic for some skins, know that essential oils can also be added.

Here you will find a list of my favorite essential oils and their benefits.

CAUTION!! It is very important to pay attention to the doses indicated above. Please be careful not to add more than one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per half liter of water. If you add too much apple cider vinegar, you will end will burnt and stringy hair due to the excessive acidity of the product.



Nettle is a perennial herb that is widely used in cosmetics and as a remedy for hair loss.

How nettle can prevent my hair from falling out?

Because the nettle is rich in vitamins and minerals that reinforce the hair. Sulfur is one of the most common vitamins in this herb. Nettle contains zinc and copper but in smaller quantities, as well as iron, calcium, vitamin A, C, B2, B5, and B9. However, nettle extract is not only used to combat hair loss. Thanks to its exceptional properties, it is also capable of combating the formation of dandruff and greasy hair.

Nettle is not used fresh. The leaves are taken after being dried in the sun. After they have been collected, they are ground to obtain nettle extract, which is precisely the power that we find in cosmetic products.

Now, let’s see how to use nettle extract to make compresses, infusions, masks, shampoos or conditioners. All these products will help you to naturally prevent your hair from falling out.

Infusion of nettle – to prevent your hair from falling out

90 milliliters of water
10 grams of dried nettle leaves
  1. Boil the water.
  2. Pour water over the dried nettle leaves.
  3. Leave to infuse for about 15 minutes.
  4. Proceed to filter the infusion.
  5. Allow the mixture to cool.

Apply the product all over the hair and massage for at least 3/4 minutes. Do the full-length massage, but make sure to focus on the roots.

CAUTION!! This infusion can be kept in the refrigerator. However, try to use it in three days from preparation, as after three days it will lose all its properties.

Straightening and anti-dandruff lotion

A cup of aloe Vera gel
4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
A teaspoon of nettle tincture
Half a teaspoon of rosemary essential oil
Half a teaspoon of vitamin E
  1. Put all the above ingredients in a blender.
  2. Blend the whole thing.
  3. Store the mixture in an airtight container.

Apply the mixture mainly on the scalp and massage. Proceed with the application on the lengths and leave on for about 30 minutes before proceeding with the shampoo. Do not forget to carry out the last rinse with cold water if possible.

Well, girls, we got to the last natural remedy today. Let’s find out together.

Chili pepper


This spice was once used to treat hair but is still used today, for example, to combat hair loss. The chili pepper counteracts hair loss because it has properties that manage to increase the thickness of the blood vessels. If the blood vessels are thicker, they can carry more nourishment and oxygen to the hair.

Also, in this case, there is no lack of do-it-yourself remedies made with this spice.

Let’s see together how to make them and apply them to our hair.

Warning!!! These last 2 masks contain hot pepper. So please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and be careful not to touch your eyes to avoid severe irritation.

Lotion with chili pepper and olive oil

500 ml of olive oil
25 gr of dried chili
  1. Pour the oil into a dark glass container that can be hermetically sealed.
  2. Add the dried chili.
  3. Allow the product to age for at least 10 days before proceeding with the application.

CAUTION!! In order to properly age the product, it is important that the compound is left in a dark glass container with hermetic closure.


After 10 days, apply a teaspoon if you have short hair, or two or three teaspoons if you have long hair, on your scalp. Massage the scalp to promote absorption and leave it on for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you can proceed with a normal shampoo.

Alcoholic lotion with chili pepper

3 whole peppers
250 ml of alcohol at 95 degrees (the alcohol we talk about is the one used in the production of liqueurs)
  • Leave the three whole peppers to soak in alcohol for about 10 days. Keep the pepper and the alcohol in a dark glass container with hermetic closure away from the light.
  • After 10 days, remove the peppers from the lotion and proceed with the application.

The lotion should be applied in low quantities, one tablespoon for those with shorter hair, two for those with longer hair. Everything must be applied to the scalp, massaging to facilitate absorption, while the remaining parts on the hands can be applied to the lengths. Leave it on for about five minutes and then proceed with shampoo and a cold water rinse.

Warning!!! Sorry if I repeat myself but prudence is always the most important thing. These last 2 masks contain hot pepper. So please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and be careful not to touch your eyes to avoid severe irritation.

If you are looking not only for natural remedies against hair loss but also for DIY and natural hair products, you should read:

What next?

Well, girls, we’re done for today too. I hope you enjoy these natural hair loss treatments, but above all, I hope you find them useful.

If so, let me know in the comments section. I can’t wait to read all your feedback. 💬💌💬

As always don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and to follow me on the socials!!! FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter, YouTube, Quora.💌

See you in 2 weeks with other 5 Natural Hair Loss Treatments for Women!😘


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