DIY Christmas Gift idea: 2 Easy beauty recipes video tutorial

What can I get my best friend for Christmas? Last-Minute DIY Christmas beauty gifts girls Actually Want!

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The most beautiful Christmas gift is the one that comes from the heart ❤

Hi girls, since Christmas is in the air, I thought of a little surprise for you. I know for sure that it will really intrigue you, so let’s see what it is all about.

Christmas is approaching, and we are all looking for the perfect gift for mum, cousins or friends. We would like to gift them something unique, special, personalized and maybe something that doesn’t cost a fortune. 😅

What do you think then of a little DIY Christmas Gift idea?

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s see what it is.

DIY Body/Face Soap-Scrubs for a perfect DIY Christmas Gift idea.

I gave these face and body soaps/scrubs to a friend who adored them and I thought that it might also be of interest to you girls.😍
These scrub soaps are fantastic. To make them we will use coconut oil, Argan oil and if we want we can add a few drops of essential oil to make it even more fragrant.
After using them you will find your skin clean, perfumed but above all well-nourished thanks to the oils we used.
The scrubbing action of these soaps instead will help you to exfoliate the skin in a delicate way. Your skin will thus be brighter and smoother than ever❣

And of course your friends or family will love it.
Are you curious to discover how to make these fantastic DIY Christmas Gift ideas?

Let see how to make the Christmas body/face soap-scrub.

Body and Face soap-scrub with Coffee and Cinnamon


350 g Soap Base
140 g coconut oil
30 g tablespoons of brown sugar
30 g coffee
10 g cinnamon
3 drops of orange or lemongrass essential oil


2 teas spoons of Argan oil and 3 drops of orange or lemongrass essential oil. I didn’t add the Argan oil because the soap base I used already contained it.

Attention!! If you do not want to buy a soap base, you can use a simple bar of soap, those found at the supermarket. The body and face soap will still look great!😉

How to make it?

To make it easier I have prepared some video tutorials that you can follow. They are simple and will not take you more than 2 minutes to watch them. Let’s not waste any more time and I leave you to watch the video.
Enjoy yourselves❣

One last tip for you girls before moving on to the next video, remember that it is preferable to use the scrub in the evening when the skin is less sensitive.

DIY Body/Face Soap-Scrub with Coconut


350 g Soap Base
40 g of Himalayan salt
40 g of coconut powder
140 g of coconut oil
3 drops of vanilla essential oil


2 tablespoons of Argan oil. I didn’t add it because the soap base I used already contained Argan oil.

How to make it?

Also for this second recipe, I made an interesting video tutorial.
Hope you like it.😍

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of our DIY Christmas Gift idea.

Now let’s see what benefits these ingredients bring to our skin and the properties that characterize each of them.

Coconut Oil / Coconut


Coconut oil, or coconut in general, are skin-friendly products. They bind perfectly to your skin and your hair. In fact, the cosmetics industry widely uses them as ingredients of beauty products.

Coconut for the hair.

It is also excellent as a polishing paste. Apply the coconut oil when you finished your hairstyle. Just place a drop of oil on the lengths and the hair will be immediately bright.


Girls, did you know that who have indomitable curly hair use coconut oil to tame their hair? Coconut oil is excellent for regulating the hair, but also for ‘grooming’ dry hair.

You can use coconut-based products even as an anti-dandruff because the coconut contains anti-fungal properties and moisturizes the scalp. To conclude, it is good to remember that it is also known for its antioxidant capacities.

Coconut for the skin

Coconut oil is also super hydrating and emollient. As we mentioned before, the natural fats contained in the coconut blend perfectly with our skin and with our hair. This oil makes skin and hair nourished and free of grease.

Regular use of this product applied all over the body will make your skin soft, silky, smooth and extremely shiny. Being rich in vitamin E, it is a natural anti-aging cosmetic.

Cane sugar


It is a source of glycolic acid and is the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid. Thanks to the extremely small size of these molecules, they manage to get deep into our skin, favoring the growth of new cells.

At the same time, cane sugar loosens the bonds between these new cells, making the skin brighter and more elastic. It is also a natural moisturizer because it transfers the humidity directly onto the skin so that it is always soft.

It also helps to lighten the skin and reduce the signs of any scars. Last but not least, it prevents acne and controls the formation of melanin.



One of the ingredients we used for our soaps/scrubs and coffee. The coffee is at the base of the anti-cellulite ingredients helping to eliminate the excess water present in the cells.  It is also very moisturizing so that after using our coffee soap/scrub, our skin will be super soft and hydrated.
Isn’t it enough to convince us that coffee is an ingredient you can’t miss for a perfect recipe? You must remember that coffee has exfoliating properties, it helps to firm the skin and finally, it has antioxidant properties. Amazing isn’t it?😍



It is one of the most used spices in medicine, going back to ancient times.

In fact, it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Its use in cosmetics is very frequent. In fact, it is applied a lot on the face because it is particularly effective against acne. It is also used often because it makes the skin bright and toned.

Himalayan salt


This sea salt has to drain and remodeling properties. Thanks to the property of osmosis, it succeeds in penetrating deep into the skin and freeing tissues from excessive liquids. Furthermore, having draining properties, Himalayan pink salt is also excellent for fighting cellulite. Obviously, if you add the Himalayan pink salt in your soap recipe it also works as an excellent natural scrub agent.

Essential oil 

Those oils are great allies for the health and beauty of your skin. In fact, in addition to being very delicate perfume, they bring many benefits to the skin. There are different types of essential oil.

Let’s look at ones that could best suit your skin.

For oily or acne skin

Lavender, tea tree and lemon are excellent because they eliminate excess sebum and regulate the PH of the skin.

For mature and aged skin.

Add a few drops of lavender and geranium essential oil with wheat germ oil to prevent and treat aging skin. It would be great to apply the product in the evening before going to bed.

For dry skin.

Add a few drops of geranium, jasmine and sandalwood essential oil and add it to a base cream. Apply in the morning and evening.

For the skin that needs to be nourished.

Add a few drops of lemon, geranium, and fennel essential oil to a little coconut oil and apply it on body and face.  Massage for a couple of minutes. Remember to apply the cosmetic on clean skin in the evening, before going to bed.

In particular for these facial and body soap/scrubs we used:

Orange essential oil.

This essential oil helps promote optimism, peace, happiness, and trust, while it helps to combat stress, anger, and fear. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is excellent against acne.

Orange essential oil is known for its anti-tumor properties and because it helps improve circulation. This essential oil is also an excellent natural anti-aging agent and against hair loss.

Lemongrass essential oil.

This essential oil helps you relax and fight tension. It has many qualities:

  • it is an excellent antibacterial and anti-fungal
  • it helps fight cellulite
  • it is an excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

The lemongrass essential oil helps to relax the muscles, to fight the headache, as well as being excellent against insomnia.



Vanilla has many aromatherapy properties. In fact, it is relaxing, antidepressant, calming and balancing. It is known in cosmetics also for its antioxidant properties.

It fights free radicals that cause aging of the skin, giving the skin elasticity and making it shine. Vanilla is also considered an excellent antiseptic.

A small curiosity is that vanilla is also known for its aphrodisiac properties. It is said to be a great stimulant of the sexual sphere.

A small but still useful tips

🎄🎁To stay on the theme of the Christmas holidays, do not forget to use themed stencils as you saw in the video tutorial.

To give it a special and personal touch, put them in a cute little box and apply a ribbon with a Christmas spirit.

Here you go! A great DIY Christmas Gift is ready in a minute! OK maybe 30 minutes😂 🎄🎁

What next?

In short, girls, I hope you enjoyed this DIY Christmas Gift idea.🎄🎁

I am sure that since Christmas is near, we will all need small gifts for our friends and relatives.

DIY body/face soaps/scrubs are a fantastic DIY Christmas Gift idea. These soaps/scrubs are certainly useful, rich in beneficial effects, easy to make and not so expensive. Moreover, they are unique and your friend will love them❣😍

I thought, since these gifts were very much appreciated by my friends, they could be nice and interesting for you too.

Last but not least they are also very fun to prepare and moreover, valid products for the care of our body are certainly well-accepted thoughts, especially from the girls.🎁😍

If you enjoyed this Christmas post, take a look at my YouTube channel, my Facebook and Instagram page. I look forward to it!

Of course, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and to activate the notifications to be updated with the latest DIY tutorial!💌

If you are looking for more DIY 100% natural recipes check out this blog posts:

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Well, as always see you in 2 weeks.😘


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Cyndi Buchanan
Cyndi Buchanan

I’ve been thinking about making some homemade gifts this year. This is a great idea!

Ashley Nichols
Ashley Nichols

I love essential oils and am always excited to come across new uses!


very beautiful gifts

Justin Doglas
Justin Doglas

Himalayan Salt is so useful, good to know this


Aww these are amazing gift ideas. I’d love to make one of them for sure!


I love coconut and essential oils. Such a great idea!


VEry useful guide! Right on time.

Amanda Croaff
Amanda Croaff

I think that DIY gifts are so special. I’ll try some of these out this year!


Home-made skin care is so in trend these past couple years! I received rose soaps from a friend and they were really nice. You can tell the difference in quality of products!

Amelia Pollock
Amelia Pollock

Great idea to make face scrub at home. I will definitely try this.

Jackline A
Jackline A

Great list of DIY gift ideas. I like the eassential oil ideas.

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